You know it.

What made you 6 figures in your business is not what made you multiple 6 figures.

It’s almost as if…

Each new level of income and impact cost you an identity.

The same will be true from multi-6 figures into 7 figures.

Frankly, this shift is the hardest and you can feel it…

You’ll have to let go of:

The belief that good doesn’t need to become excellent.

The belief that you can do it alone.

The ways you’re still compromising too much of your energy and lifestyle desires.

The ways of which you still attach any ounce of your emotional well-being to the sales you are or are not making.

The month to month, moment to moment mindset into longevity, regular recurring revenue and optimizing your time and energy flow.

You’ve made it work and it has created a level of freedom for you you once only dreamed of…

But the whisper from God saying,

“I need you more spacious. I want you more impactful. I have bigger plans for you” has you ready to make 2024 the year of EXCELLENCE…

Welcome to INSURGENT: The Business Mastermind for Multiple 6 Figure Healers.


What’s included:

⚡️ Telegram group access (except Saturdays)
⚡️ 2x 60 minute group meetings monthly
⚡️ 1x quarterly 1:1 mentorship call
⚡️ 1x quarterly TEAM VP strategy call
⚡️ 1x group all-inclusive paid Brand Immersion Retreat with 7 figure+ Leaders / Entrepreneurs / Healers / Creatives
⚡️ Minimum 1 year commitment
⚡️ Maximum 6 LightWorkers
⚡️ Team VP on demand: systems, ops, marketing, and messaging support

I'm ready for INSURGENT

Hello and Welcome! 


My name is Victoria Pippo. I am 7 figure global energy healer and ascension guide for Healers on their spiritual awakening journey.

I scaled my business to 120k in year one, 600k in year two, 1M in year three, and 1.2M in year four. The systems and structures I have in place for this year have my company averaging 1.5 Million just from recurring revenue and scalable offerings alone!

I want all Healers to have this level of flexibility, regulation, and success in their businesses.

Healers deserve to be rich, and inside of Insurgent, we are making the declaration that “The Good gets to become Excellent, the Work gets to grow Deeper, and we DO build our Businesses into Companies from our Hearts!”

This is for you if…


You’ve been waiting for the right place to invest where God and Business perfectly mesh.

You want long term growth, long term friendships, inside of an intimate container that just GETS YOU.

You’ve been playing at a financial bandwidth for long enough and you’re ready to break through the ceiling into MORE!

You’ve invested in business coaches and previous mentors and while they’ve all given you something special along the way, you want a place to land where NO PART OF YOU is compromised.

You have 7 figure goals to make the world better with your wealth and you’re on track to make them happen.

This is the year of deep Aquarian connection, wild expansion to your wealth identity, and the walk into 7 figure years and beyond!

Investment: 4000$/month

40k PIF 1 year

I'm Ready to RECEIVE!