You were led here for a reason.


Was it GOD?

Was it HEALER?



Either way, welcome.


This is THE space for Healers who are scaling to 100k years and/or 10k months.


*if you’re past this income bracket, look to INSURGENT mastermind*


There are so many moving pieces when beginning to actually focus and move your healing business forward,


It can get pretty overwhelming, can’t it?


Not inside of Divergent. 


Here, we push past all ceilings and blockages and MAKE YOUR DREAM BUSINESS HAPPEN.


In order to make your dreams a profitable business, we must make rise to your DIVERGENT identity:


Clear. Confident. Direct. Capable. Unbreakable. 


That’s just PART of what you’ll become inside of the space… 


In a speed perhaps no other space has given you before…


Where God and Business meet?


Let’s find out how truly limitless you are, together.

I'm ready for DIVERGENT

 Allow me to formally introduce myself:


My name is Victoria Pippo. I am a 7 figure Energy Healer, God Led Business Guide, and Ascension Teacher.


I am an expert at helping Start-up Healers in Business who are working on scaling their offerings, messaging, marketing and sales to normalized 5 figure months with integrity, ease, and crystalline intention.


If you're not making at least 6 figures a year in today's society, you're a start up entrepreneur ;). 


I am here to hold you to your power, raise you to your highest standards, and help you Lead yourself into building the Business of your dreams- with you, me, our soulmate Divergent family, and God on our team.



"It is impossible to explain the power of this container without first sharing a story. A story of a healer who is highly sensitive, multi-dimensional, and shifting the consciousness and frequency of the Earth plane. A story of a soul who spent years investing in coaching containers who didn't fully see me, the power of my work, or understand who I was.

Enter Divergent.

A place for healers and entrepreneurs who have God-led businesses. A place where the space holder is also a starseed. With this foundational understanding of who I was, I was able to bypass the explanation and get right to work.

I immediately felt seen, heard, and understood.

This was not an investment in a coaching container.

This was a homecoming.

To my potential, to all that I have always been, and to the threshold of fully embodying my role on earth for the first time. It has anchored my nervous systems and rewired my ability to both serve and receive. it has challenged everything I have known to be true in this realm. If you exist in the 3d but work elsewhere - this is the place for you. This is not a container.

It's a portal. "



Inside this sacred portal, you will:


Journey together for six months or a whole year — the choice is yours. We ride January 2024.

🧬Rewire your frequency for infinite clean prosperity (because we are always provided for) — in life, love, business. 

💥 Pop pop pop your visibility aka hello global impact — by sharing your wisdom, talent, and medicine with the world. Master your messaging, your brand positioning, your thought leadership. All of which we will workshop together — you, me, and my team.

🌎 Embrace Collaboration and grow your collective relationships — connect with likeminded healers, artists, creatives, and holistic practitioners. It truly takes a freaking village and this one is God-led, soul-led, and driven with service.

🔥 Refine and master Business Building fundamentals. You know, things like:

  •  Systems and strategy (divine masculine structure, channel) that help you stay in your receivership (feminine  energy and creative flow) — leveraging the tech tools and systems so you can shine in your magic. There’s a saying on Team VP that helps us stay in our zone of high frequency work — “there’s a system for that.” 
  •  Leadership — how to lead yourself through the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship and life, leading and building your dream team, setting boundaries and standards, refining your communication, honouring your truth. 
  •  Money Mastery — this is the playground where you drop the money shame and step up your money game. Money is neutral. Together, we will refine your offerings, your pricing in a way that feels fuck yes gold to you, and expansive to your clientele.



- Quarterly Strategy Calls with myself and Team VP - Think of this as a roundtable and business strategy day for you and your brand, with us by your side. 

- And if you join for a year — receive our signature BBR 5 day Brand retreat for FREE! (valued at over 25,000$)


How's that feel?


I'm Ready to RECEIVE!

New enrollment July 1st 


DIVERGENT — The business igniter that catalyzes you into your God-led Healership and Leadership.


Inside Divergent, we aren’t here for quick fixes and fizzles. 

We are here for the grit and glory. The fire and grace. 

The air and grounding. The water and rooting. 

The truly nourishing firm foundation that will be the rock you build your house on. 

The one where you learn to dance gracefully on the tightrope of entrepreneurship and refine your leadership. 

The one where you master your thoughts, your emotions, your words and actions, and step into ultimate coherence with your God-self.

The one where your brand becomes synonymous with your unique mission and your craft introduces you before you ever enter a room or open your mouth to speak.

The one where money doesn’t send you into a tailspin. And wealth is a normalized frequency in your body and field.



So if you’re ready to liberate yourself from the shackles of outdated beliefs and stories, rise in your power and thrive with your spiritual gifts…

Come join us inside Divergent. Let’s blow up your brand and business. 


I'm Ready to RECEIVE!

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